Thursday, April 7, 2011

Military is What I Love.. SO GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR!!!

No pictures, no face, just my thoughts!!!!! Believe me this is one area I thought I would never go!!!!

I am in no way a openly political person and most people who really know me, know that this is an area that I do not debate about or even post about (until recently)... it really was not politically directed at anyone. In fact I do not even tell people what I am but for this one time only... I will.... I am an Independent (I am not of any party I choose not to identify with what I feel is right) and I really do not lean anyone direction. I have my views which I mind you are all over but I strongly believe in them some are Republican Views and some are Democratic Views and some are a combination of the both and then there are just my views.... which leads me to this..... THE MILITARY

I am an Army Brat to Marine Wife so I have lived this entire lifestyle my entire LIFE! There are so many things that are wonderful about the military-the heroes, the families, the friends you meet, and everything else in between please do not get me wrong there are some negativity- deployments and so on. However, if you lived this lifestyle your entire life you will realize there was peacetime and there will be peacetime again (hopefully- I am an optimistic). Now if you have asked me years ago that I would be in the same group of wonderful and powerful military wives that had to wait for letters and/or phone call  from their loved one I would have looked at you like you were an idiot. Well fast forward here we are now and I one of the wives. I am a very proud military wife and daughter...very motivated.... I do not wear a lot of t-shirts of the ARMY of MARINES or any service but if you talk to me I am very proud of where I come from, who I have married, and where we are going!

However, the one thing I will not stand for is messing with our heroes, it is bad enough dealing with the idiots who protest at military funerals the one place/people/or things that should be messing with is our pay (and other things but that it is not my thing or really need to talk about). Now I am not going to say that I completely understand the entire thing but I know a couple of things. 1- YOU ARE SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF A LOT of young couples. The military is just not made of old foggies but young couples some not even old enough to legally enough to drink but old enough to fight wars, who have no idea what is going to happen and if it does happen what will happen to them. Then there are people like me who have lived through this once before but as a child only mere understanding of what this all meant and knows what I will have to do, and there are others who will be able to get through this with no problems. However, do they think they realize what they are doing to us? All of us? I mean really think about it.... they are playing with are lives....  I will have to bring my own personal example in.

My husband and I are doing fertility treatment that we have to pay out of pocket for and it is not cheap. If we go through the shutdown. My husband and I will have to make the hard choice of whether or not to go forward with our treatment... how fair is that? I know it sounds stupid but the saying is true.... If they cut someone's pay they cannot pay half of their bills. My husband and I do not live beyond on our means...we live on a tight budget (AND WHATEVER YOU HEARD MILITARY FAMILIES ARE NOT MADE OF MONEY!!!). I do not drive a sports car, high end fashion clothes, and we do not go on vacations everywhere (I HAVE NOT BEEN ON A REAL VACATION IN SEVERAL YEARS). My husband cannot take a day "off" because he is feeling off or take a family vacation just to get away. Anyone who lives in the military lifestyle know that timing is not perfect but for once things are in and my husband's favor of having a family and this crap happens. Now I wish I could say we were one of lucky ones that could do this all naturally BUT WE DON'T.  Now I have to have faith that things will be okay because I am leaving it in the hands in my MAKER! However, it still scares me that I still might have to face that reality and who gives anyone the right to start a family? Why do I have to choose between the money that I saved for the treatment or use that money to help meet ends if this shut down actually happens. I am sorry that is a BUNCH OF CRAP!!!!

Now I posted in Facebook my first political post...well more of a government rant.

I do not talk politics with people (my friends know this) However, Government GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR! I have a couple of options! SEND ALL OUR SERVICEMEN HOME and you go over there while "you figure" this out because our Heroes work a hell of lot harder than any of you idiots on Capital Hill! OR Learn How to Play Nice Children- We did learn that in school!

I will tell you one thing my Hero like many others protects our COUNTRY and I PROTECT MY HOME, MY HERO, MY FAMILY!

I stand by this..... My Hero has done a lot of things for this Country and gone to places where I was unsure if he would make it back and cry myself to sleep many nights because I miss him by my side. I have had friends who gave their all. Yes- it was their choice to join and take on the honor of serving the Country they love and YOU IDIOTS CANNOT GET ALONG LONG ENOUGH TO DO THE RIGHT THING. So go home kiss your wife, your children, your nine side lovers, and even your sports car. You say no smoke and mirrors well LOOK AROUND JACK ASSES SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!! Walk in our shoes- understand what we see and feel.....

 I will never throw in the towel and let you idiots get me down... because you are not just messing with my husband or my family-who will also have the same thing happen to them. You are messing with my entire military family---- and I stated before.... I PROTECT MY HOME,  MY HERO and MY FAMILY!