Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What My Page and Blog Is Really About...

What is your page about?

What does this have to be with being bipolar?

Are you really Bipolar? 

You seem to positive all the time do your moods ever change?

Your Page Is Not Like Other Bipolar Pages?

I am a mom, wife, and daughter but I am also diagnosed and live with two health conditions bipolar and PCOS. However, these two sole thing do not define my life or are "me", there are numerous things that make me. That is why I created the blog "Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life" and then after the Facebook page. Now the overall purpose/goal of this blog and page is show people that you can live, strive through the obstacles that you face, and accomplish so much through in ones life. 

I can achieve this with a small amount of education of mental illness and PCOS but also how I live my life with these two health issues. So what does this have to be with being bipolar? I ask you how is this not related to being bipolar? I am me! I live my life! I do not wake up going "How is this going to be a bipolar day?" but instead think of what I have to do that day and if my moods happen to go off like a light switch or I feel myself going up or down then I do it what I do when it comes to being bipolar. As I stated before being bipolar is only aspect of my life. So on my blog and page you will discover in many aspects I am just like anyone else! Who would have thought! I love to craft, cook, diying, and everything else in between. I take care of my household which includes a handsome Marine and two beautiful miracles. So why not share it? It is my daily life! If  I share my experiences through my page and blog of my music therapy, crafts, my journals, routine, books, doctor appointments related to my mental health or PCOS and end up help just one person then I have reached my purpose of this blog and the forms of Social Media I created.

I was questioned the other day are you really bipolar? You seem to be to positive do your moods ever change? At first I was taken a back but then laughed to myself about this question. I guess I do not super show it on my page but I choose not express my 24/7. If I did express my mood like that on the page I would never get any sleep and you would likely get sick of my page and think of my page nothing more of attention seeker. Instead I love to express myself through humor, sayings, quotes, inspiration, and so on. This type of expression would also include areas of my health as well. However, this page is about Bipolar too so there are times I will and have focused on my mood. I believe it is important to let people who follow my page that I do go through downs or not feeling well. It is something I need to be open about because it is apart of my life. I do not however post or blog about all my downs or mood shifts because I do not believe that serves the overall purpose/goal of my page and blog. It is often very hard to explain mood shifts especially the downs because I just don't know. I can educate you mood shifts and what it is like to fall down the rabbit hole but I like to show you how I pull myself out of that hole as well. I also believe to much negativity can be a very bad thing not only to purpose/goal of pages in your actual life and it is something I would rather not have on page or blog every day but instead replacing it with overcoming whatever that negativity is one life. 

Why doesn't your page look like other bipolar pages? How is my page and blog suppose to look? I follow many mental health pages and I can tell you each of us are unique each bonded together by some sort of mental illness. Some of these pages are pure educational, just personal blogs, focused on a certain mental illness, and so on. My page simply speaks for me as their page speaks for them hopefully. 

What I love about my page and blog I think it goes beyond just some one who lives with bipolar and PCOS. I have already met so many wonderful people through the page and blog growth. Of course I met other people like me who live with or know someone with a mental illness but I have met crafters, business owners, farmers, homesteaders, cooks, just for fun communities, bloggers, and so on! One of the best things that have happened though through this page and blog though are the people that have come forward with their own struggle with mental illness but never shared it with anyone for multiple reasons. 

I am not sure where my blog or page is headed or how big it will become. Am I afraid of unknown? Very much so but it is no different from a lot of the other unknowns. In life I know there will people I will come across people who do not care for me or how I run my page or blog. The fact of life is we will not be everyone' cup of tea. I can promise you though I will always promote respect, no drama, bullying, or bashing! I am a very open minded person and respect peoples values, morales, religion, and opinions. I ask you extend the me the same because I can tell you now my page will be far from being politically correct. So I will tell you Merry Christmas, send you prayers, and have post that specific overtones. You can tell me whatever you want, send positive thoughts and I will like your posts if I like them or can relate to them as long their is mutual respect. I will continue to focus on what this page and blog is becoming and getting to know other people and pages. I have already learned so many wonderful things from so many people and pages.

So this is Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life and this what her blog and page is really like! 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When Life Is Just Normal or What is Normal For Us... My Daily Life

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I love when things in our household seem to be just normal. When nothing seems to be super exciting in either direction just the normal life events in this Bipolar Mom's life. I know people love to post pictures and share how exciting or bad their week or weekend has been but I love to embrace when things are just daily life.

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We decided to run our errands earlier in the week so we would have no where to go on this past weekend. There were several places that we had to go so with our kids bundled up we headed out. One of our destinations was a craft store! Now I usually go into a craft store by myself which is often a disaster but my husband wanted to go. I could not help but to get excited because my husband has this idea for this outside Christmas tree decoration that he would like to make for the house this year. We also helped our son pick out a gift for his speech therapist for their last session before he transfers over to the school. Also for completing his speech with his EDIS we let him pick out an item at the Craft Store. We ended up with a toy truck from Melissa & Doug (which is a company that I love) you would have thought we bought him gold! He has been playing with truck non-stop! What I love about this toy no lights, no batteries, and no noise. Not because we do not like those type toys because we have plenty of those in the house but because they are so simple :) . Of course Daddy had to get Caydance something too so there was a My Little Pony stuff animal wrapped in her little fingers and I knew it was a battle I was happily going to loose. It is okay to do the just because once in a while :) .
Our weekend is normal cleaning, crafting (well I was crafting), playing, family movie night, routine, filling out next weeks schedule, a couple of melt downs, and talking to the Grandparents.

The movie we ended up choosing was Free Birds! It happens to be really cute Thanksgiving movie for the family and enough humor to keep the adults in the family entertained! I thought the movie had a really good message. For the people who have Netflix you can watch it there.

There start of this week has been so slow... I realized as I type this it is only Wedensday..

We have already been filled with hubs physical therapy, Caleb's final speech assessment, dinners, playtime, figuring what to do with the cold weather, and we are only half way there...

So as you can see this Bipolar Mom's Daily Life is not always full of ups and downs. I am feeling normal... thing are normal...and that is PERFECT TO ME!!!!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

When One Door Closes, I Will Go Through A Window :The Closing of Gifts By Vaughn but The Birth Of A New Venture!!!

I am not exactly how to start this post off so I will just start typing...

I am a crafter and I have been dabbling in crafts ever since I could remember. Well a couple of years ago I decided to open a small craft business and sell my handmade goods just like many others have done. So I picked out a name got my first round of crafts made and GIFTS BY VAUGHN was born! 

Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Business was slow but slowly trickling in. I however was full of ambition, ideas, and complete confidence this would be a huge success!!! I had support from my family and friends but I learned very quickly with all that in ambitions, ideas, confidence, skills, and support from family and friends it was hard. There were things I had to learn very quickly the business side of the craft world. I had to learn about advertising, policies, shipping, time schedules, watermarks, inventory, bills, and book keeping (the list really could go on). I had the hardest time trying to figure out why it seemed to come easy to others and I was struggling to make sense of it all. I had the passion... didn't I? 

Yes I had the passion for the love crafting but not the passion for the business. Which I discovered you need have equal parts to make your business successful! If could never get them balanced and the more I tried the more passion I lost in crafting... and that is something was truly heartbreaking to me. Crafting is something I love to do and here I am dreading to have to crochet a hat or make another bow. I should not be loathing something I love to do....

So the question I had to ask myself is it worth it? 

Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

The short answer is no... owning/running a small craft business was not worth it. I was losing to much of my self in the process. So I made choice to close down GIFTS BY VAUGHN. At first I had mix feeling about this but the more I thought about it I knew I was making the right decision. I knew I could still do private sales but I knew I would be free to be truly creative again. That is truly what happen... I started feeling like me once again in the creative side and wanting to get in my craft room once again. 

Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

There was something that I did miss on my page and that was daily interaction on my page. So I decided to open to along with this blog a Facebook Page : A BIPOLAR MOM AND HER DAILY LIFE which can be found here . When I first open this page in September I had slight reservations on how people would accept or receive my page. However, the response has been overwhelming and positive!!!! I had no idea that opening up this page would grow as fast as it did and the people who come just to follow and support me. More importantly people have come to me since the page has open about their story or just needing to talk. It has been just amazing what this page has done already and I am excited to see where this page is headed. I can only hope for continue positive growth. 

So as I sum this up... yes one door may have closed.. but I closed that door  and decided to go through a window instead! 

A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life! : Trick or Treat A Little Late BUT tons of pics!

A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life! : Trick or Treat A Little Late BUT tons of pics!: Image found on Google Free Images Please Contact for credit or removal I am a little behind on my post but I am still getting use to t...

Trick or Treat A Little Late BUT tons of pics!

Image found on Google Free Images Please Contact for credit or removal

I am a little behind on my post but I am still getting use to trying to maintain a regular blog my Bipolar world and daily life. It is a lot harder than I thought. So huge props to the ones that have really successful blogs I know they put a lot of work in it!

My House On  Halloween! Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

So Halloween has come and gone in this household but it was sure an event in this house! We usually go all out in this household but because Christopher was and is still recovering from knee surgery there was a limited stuff that we could do for Halloween like going to a corn maze, festivals, pumpkin picking and so on. So it required me to do a lot of thinking of what can we do here! 

As I stated in my last post we did tons of family movies nights and not mention pumpkin carving and painting. You can read about that here Weekend Wrap Up ....

Pumpkin Carving : Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Something that we allowed this year was let Caleb pick out his Halloween costume. So we all went to a Halloween store and he walked up and down the isles taking in everything it was a little bit overwhelming but he decided to be one of the cutest pirates ever. I also decided that whatever Caleb decided to be for Halloween I would make Caydance's costume to match it or pair it off it! So I decided she would be Tinkerbell and I would make it! So I set off making a Tutu Dress. I have only made a tutu skirt before but it was fun overall and I would do it again. I am not sure when we let Caydance pick out her first costume probably when she ask because I am having fun making them.

Caleb in his pirate costume 2014: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Start of Caydance's costume: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Caydance's Tinkerbelle Costume: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

The day of Halloween I was not feeling the best but I made sure to put on my best face because I would have to take the kids around the neighborhood. We got the kids ready and let them play outside as we finished up the outside and pull out the wagon for me. I do not think we could have asked for better weather!!! It was perfect not hot or cold the best Halloween weather ever:)

Well I loaded up the kids in the wagon and we headed off to explore the neighborhood! We live in military housing so we live in a huge housing community. Actually two housing communties are back to back. I have to admit I was a little nervous being by myself and how my little ones would react for a couple of reasons. 

Playing in the wagon Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

More wagon fun: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Taking turn with the wagon: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

1. This was the first time I was out on my own. Last year my Daddy help take the kids around while my Mom and Hubs manned the house because hubs was also recovering from a procedure. The previous year was Caleb's first Halloween so we only went to like three houses for pictures ops then manned the house the rest of night.

2. I am not sure what is about the Military but we really get into our holidays and Halloween is no exception! I think it is because a lot of military service members often miss out holidays, special events, birthdays, milestones, and annevessarys that we tend to go all out for them. We are no different and love to decorate and just love to have a great time and have fun!!! However, just like many parents I am not sure even though you try to teach them the people walking around the decorations around are not real even if they seem scary. 

One of the most decorated houses in the neighborhood: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
3. Finally this reason is not so much a reason of being as nervous but rather to see the progress my son has made. Caleb has a speech delay and when he is in a new situation he often will not speak until he is comfortable. Even though he gets really comfortable really fast and he will start talking in his language or say words I was unsure how trick or treating would go. We did practice tons at the house :)

Caleb: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

When we first started I think they were just enjoying the wagon ride more than anything. The first couple of houses. I had to walk Caleb to the first couple houses and take him to hold his pail out. No matter how much we practice he would not say "Trick or Treat". He did say Hi, Bye, and signed please. I had to explain to a couple of people when he did the sign for please and others stood it right off the bat. I assume they either know some who is deaf, baby signs, or speech therapy. It is always nice when you do not have explain what your child is not doing when he is communicating :) . Caleb was also very good listening to directions very well by not reaching into the candy buckets and waiting his turn. He also grabbed two pieces of candy one at a time for his sister and him when there was just a bucket left out. He also was not afraid. I am not sure if it was the conquest of candy or he realized it most of it seemed fake and fun there was "nothing" that could really get him. I mean  I was shocked of some of the stuff he walked up too. NOTE: Most people here take off their mask to let them know it is just a person underneath but this year no need too. The only thing that freaked him out was this large type talking doll but in all fairness that thing freaked me out too! He also did an awesome job not eating the candy! I was seeing kids left and right just stuffing candy in their mouths and not that I do not let my kids have a piece from their haul (just like I did when I was little) I want to check it properly (I am not saying that parents do not check it there I just prefer to wait to I get home) when I get it home he also held onto his sisters bucket and only handed it to her next house.
I am not sure Caydance really thought about it all except loving her costume. As soon as the costume came on she knew she was a little fair/princess and the twirls and dancing begun. She also was trying to find her feet under all that tulle. She is always an amusing site for sure. I do not think this year she was really into trick or treating. She is still a little on the young side to understand she is almost 15 months but most people thought she was just about to turn 1 and this is her second Halloween. I cannot believe she was just over 3 months last year <3 . Caydance basically wanted to keep getting in and out of wagon and just walk! She got very tired of the whole trick or treating real fast! However, I noticed that among that a lot of young ones passed out in strollers or being carried by their parents. I always enjoy the sites of Halloween. So I ended up taking Caydance back to hang out with Daddy which she had a lot more fun running around the yard and checking out the costumes.

Caydance's shoe would not stay on this is are flower bed: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Caydance and the wagon: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
Caleb and I parked the wagon and set out for a little more trick or treating! With having two kids it is often hard to spend quality time with just one of them. I enjoyed every minute of it walking with my little man holding my hand. He was even talking to me and holding a small conversation. It was sure a memory that I will always have with him. We actually called Grandma that night :-) he was actually telling her about that night of what we could get out of the conversation. He kept telling her Mommy and me! Then patting me... it was like he was proud of just me and him.

Well the night ended with a light meal, showers, and each picking a treat from the bucket.

Even though the next day was the first day of November it was still Halloween weekend. So we spent most of the day outside enjoying the weather. However, I decided to a Halloween fun meal for my little ones. Which included bloody spiders, purple green beans, banana ghost, and bread bones (sorry no pictures of the bread bones they came out a little...umm naughty like).

Halloween themed dinner : Bloody spiders, mac and cheese, purple spiders, and banana ghost: Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Between baths and picking up the living room the kids decided they would find new uses for Halloween buckets besides putting candy in them....

I am proud to be their mom:Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Only my two! They were putting them on and then head butting each other :) :Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Proud to be their mother! : Property A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

So that was our Halloween Weekend.... hope you guys had a great one!