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A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life! : PANTY LINER USE 101: The Other Wonderful Uses of t...

A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life! : PANTY LINER USE 101: The Other Wonderful Uses of t...: By the title of this post I am sure I have a couple of you thinking why is this woman talking about panty liners and how to use them? No thi...

PANTY LINER USE 101: The Other Wonderful Uses of these products!

By the title of this post I am sure I have a couple of you thinking why is this woman talking about panty liners and how to use them? No this is not about health, puberty, or instructions that can be found on the package they come in. I have found neat, functional, emergency,and alternative uses for those little mini pads that I actually use on a daily/weekly basis!

For any woman or man who has purchased personal female care products likely have bought or have noticed the selection of panty liners. The first thing if you noticed they are range in price but are cheap. I personally purchase a lot of panty liners keep on hand and mostly not "ALL Personal Reasons". If you do the math from a personal stand point depending on what actual product you bought and you used one panty liner a day for whatever reason you could buy a year supply for around $15.00.

Now this is a basic liner. I know they come in all shapes, sizes, scents, and colors but for this post and purpose I use the cheap basic ones. However, in a pinch and need of one part with more expensive panty liner and when it is over you will see why I keep the cheap ones on hand! Now obvious and will be stated to get out they way the number one use for panty liners the directions and the use can be found right on the package.

Here are my uses for using panty liners on a daily/weekly basis 

1. Removing my nail polish. Now I am not taking credit for this idea but my sister-in-law gave me this idea. When I was at my parents my sister-in-law was in the process of painting her nails. She had everything but the material she was going to use with nail polish remover. Thought she was going to run to bathroom to grab a cotton balls or tp....she came back with a panty liner. She removed her nail polish with a panty liner. Well when I got home of course I had to try it! What I like about it is it does not fall apart, one does both hands and feet, and I usually get multiple uses from them! So instead of using cotton balls or rounds were I go through several I now keep a small package of panty liners with my nail stuff.

2.I do not what kind of shoes you wear that do not require socks but I wear tons of flats (thanks to be one inch short of being 6 foot) wedges and some times things with a little height if the mood hit me. Now I know they make no shoe socks and insoles which I both own but I have run into a couple of problems. I love the no show socks I buy mine at PayLess because I can find them in many colors such as black, white, brow, nude, green, and pink to fit my big size 11 gorgeous feet! However, if you wear these no show socks you realize they really are not "no show" socks and it really for me is not a problem when I am not wearing jeans but when I am dress or something where my shoe is being completely seen I do not want my socks to be shown it kind of one my pet peeves! Now I go without wearing socks and for a short time it is an okay solution but for having to in your shoes all day is a no go for me... foot sweat and stank! So I went looking for solutions I could by insoles and they have a wide variety of these as well. Well I ran into a couple of problems with these. I found a lot of them made my shoes to small and unlike tennis shoes you cannot remove the sole of these type shoes to replace with the other insoles. Well I started researching where else online when I am across a woman who used panty liners as shoe insoles. So I gave it a try! I took the panty liner took the strip off and stuck the adhesive side down into my shoe. After a trial and error of placement I found that my feet do not sweat and provide a little cushion in my flats. Now they lady trims the liner for her shoes because of her shoe size but because I have big feet I do not have to so I just grab a couple of liners out of my sock draw when I am wearing shoes that require assistant! You can also adjust the liner to other parts of your shoe it really is a trial and error process to see what works for you! 

3. Dog's personal use. If you have had female dogs that are not fixed well they go through heat. They just go not through often as human women. Well I have a female Jack Russell Chloe and my husband kept going back and forth in we were going to breed her. In the mean time we had to deal with her in the heat moments! Well I bought her something called bitch pants... I know funny right? Well basically they are blue diaper with a hole for the dog tail with a white absorbent layer and come in multiple sizes. Now you can allow her to wear as is and then wash it but as most women know when "accidents" occur it very hard to completely removed if not taken care of right away. Well I looked at the dog care products and low and behold they make pads for dogs and they are expensive!!!!!!!!!! They are more expensive than my products and thin like paper. Well LIGHT BULB! Well just as a woman would use a panty liner I lined her bitch pants with the liner in the area where she needs, change them out when I walk her, and wash the bitch pants at the end of the day! 

4. I cut myself in the truck. I was trying to open a package and sliced my finger on right on the finger. Well I was running out of the couple of napkins and my kids were crying and my husband was going into caring but not required panic mode. So I was looking around in my purse for something when I came across a panty liner and desperate times call for desperate measures! I opened it and placed it on my fingure and applied pressure calmed the kids down. Then when I realized the first aid kit was in the glove box the whole time! However, in a pinch the liner was clean a lot better then a somewhat clean napkin! So you know what I added to the first aid kit?That is right panty liners! 

Now I am sure there are other uses for these panty liners besides the "conventional" use these are just some of they alternative uses I use panty liners for.