Monday, May 2, 2011

I Love Being Alone... it is okay to enjoy the silence and your surroundings

I have had a couple of people ask me...where have I gone. I text back...what are you talking about? I have not been on Facebook or really calling anyone. I am thinking to myself is that a crime? Do I need an explanation on why I do something? Well let me FIRST say there is nothing wrong with me.... I am not in a Bi-polar up or down ( some of you have assumed) it is just Courtney.... that is right Courtney and Courtney likes to be alone and enjoy other things. I do not need to be up someones butt and I pretty dang on sure that I do not want anyone up my butt. I have decided to take a break from it all... is that wrong?

I realized that there is so much wrapped up in technology... not that is a bad thing. I got my Bachelors through an online school, I stay in contact with loved ones, shop, and even write this blog. However, it has become all to much for me right now... I love having my phone on silence, listening to music, READING, spending time with my animals and reflection.

I have started a garden this year and it has been amazing. Well first that I have not managed to kill anything and somewhere and somehow I got a tiny green thumb. I am a scientist, always have been so I know the mechanics of plants down to the cell walls but it is still also amazing to see things grow, survive, and thrive. Science cannot explain the peace and calmness I feel when I work in my little garden. Love seeing knew life from a multi-view is an amazing gift to have. Spending time with my animals.... seeing if I can out stare Charlie, get the last word in with Chloe, watching Corona play with a ball of paper and when you look at her acts like she was doing nothing, or thinking about measuring Casper's tail to provide proof to my mom that Casper's tail is not short which I am still deciding on. Waiting for my husband to get we can play a game of cards, watch a movie, and just enjoy us. No Marine Stuff... No Outside Stuff... No Anything...... Just Christopher and I.

Then there is the amazing gift of reflection. I spent Easter Sunday alone because Christopher had duty (NO I WAS NOT UPSET ABOUT IT). I got to spend the entire day thinking of all the things I am grateful for and come up with a wonderful thought. There is nothing wrong with constant praise to God but there are sometimes things better than Hallelujah... I really will not go into to much detail about that because everyone has their own views on such subjects as these. I just know personally for me I cannot be that frikin happy all that time and he knows I will not be! That is what I have been reflecting on.

I guess the thing I have loved the most is the silence...... it is not total silence but a peaceful quite that allows my thoughts to run clear. I know this will show on Facebook but I am still not coming back for a while. There is to much sun to soak up, a book to read, and a garden to tend to.....

I Love Being Alone..... It Is Okay.....  

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  1. I love being alone too. Honestly, I wish I got to be alone more often. I totally know your heart on this one Cousin!