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Bad Romance?.......... Please!!!!

You are about to get a glimpse into my Romantic life... You have been warn!

I have a BAD ROMANCE and I LOVE IT and YOU SHOULD TOO (your bad romance not mine).... okay before you think I jumped off the deep end (once again) please let me explain!


Okay I am sure most of know of us Lady Gaga and despite her "Meat Suit" I actually think she is amazing artist (although her videos do freak me out some). However, she writes with an amazing gift (how she gets there is her own business) but she has something in the concept of a BAD ROMANCE!

My husband is my true love...he is my not only my true love but my soul mate but my best friend as well! However, with this said it is not house covered in rose petals, I walking around in "getting ready for pjs", and the love talking just of flowing... that would be the honeymoon phase and that is done and over with (for the most part-explain later).  Does it mean romance goes down the drain once the honeymoon phase is over.... far from it... it turns into a bad romance (Oh no she said it again).

Now for readers of romance and watchers of romantic movies.... I want you to think. Now between the steamy love scenes are things sailing smooth? Hardly, there is something is always around the corner until the end where it is usually a "Happy Ending". As much we like these movies and/or books we often do not compare our lives to these movies and/or books, but we have more in common with these characters in these movies and books then we realize (well minus the dangerous scenes for the most part- I am not in your business). However, if you have found your true love- it is not always smooth sailing in between those "steamy love scenes", there are often a huge big ball of emotions (love, lust, happiness, caring, hurt, anger, humor, irritation, and the list can go on).

Out of all the famous people in this world... there is only one the matters to me... and that is my HUSBAND! Wait a minute he is not famous? You may not know him but he is famous to me and that boy is mine! I am my husband's biggest fan. When I first met my husband I knew he was going to be the one I was going to be with the rest of my life (and I thought I knew what love was because I was previously engaged) but that first site of my husband-to-be was out of this world... I cannot explain it. If I remember correctly I had a friend tell me she saw a picture of her husband (without knowing him) and knew she was going to marry him (does that make us sound like stalkers or if we have some kind of sixth sense). Well NO to the whole stalker thing but I think people are placed into our lives and we will know what role they will play in our lives. If you asked my husband when he fell in love with me it was as soon as he physically seen me,  I just asked my friend the other day--- "Is it sad that I miss my husband even though he is just gone for the night on duty (he is a Marine)?"...  Her response? NOPE! My heart still gets racing when I hear her husband's motorcycle coming! Now you may be thinking... your military wives you think differently. Well maybe we do... but why would your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner be your super star? Every time I pass our wedding photos on our wall- which has no physical price I think back at the wonderful day!

Leather and jeansGarage glamorousNot sure what it meansBut this photo of us

It don't have a priceReady for those flashing lights'Cause you know that, baby, I

I'm your biggest fanI'll follow you until you love mePapa-paparazzi

Baby, there's no other superstarYou know that I'll bePapa-paparazzi

Promise I'll be kindBut I won't stopUntil that boy is mine

In Lady Gaga's Bad Romance song her lyrics talk about being caught in a Bad a Romance. Basically wanting everything that comes with her lover. Well if any you took a trip down the isle, there is usually something along the lines for better or worse. Well if you got into relationship for 24/7 rose petals...and no problems... good luck with that! Please let me know how it turns out for you. Now before I get into this I am in NO WAY TALKING ABOUT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!!!

My husband and I are caught in a bad romance and it is wonderful. Each day is a new page in that bad romance. He is my everything and I want everything about him.... the good bad and the ugly... as she says so famously in her lyrics- Caught in a bad romance!

You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
I want it bad, bad romance......I want your love, and I want your revengeYou and me could write a bad romanceI want your love, and all your love is revengeYou and me could write a bad romance

He knows I know love him but he does things that can drive me through the roof and it is the same for him but it is one of the first things I miss about him. I swear up and down he does not have a romantic bone in his body but he will spin be around in the kitchen and we will dance to music only we can hear. Sometimes I think I will go insane when he watches that ANIME crap (and yes I called in crap) but because he likes it and his puppy dogs eyes makes it okay. Plus I like to bug him to try to figure out what the show is about and why there are so many big chested women in one show (seriously- have you seen one of these shows? do they think women really look like that- talk about image complex). I love that we play games with each other- videos and board games for hours and just simply being with each other. My husband and I really do not go on dates but we love to pull out fold out in the bed in the couch and watch movies all night.... and cuddle because I do not cuddle when I sleep (he knew that when I married him!- HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS GETTING INTO)!

A Day To Remember

When we lived in Parris Island we went to Hunting Island Beach (tons of time) but this time we were camping with his family. We were all in water playing...and Christopher was being all romantic carrying me in the water... then he drops me in the water and starts hauling ass towards shore. I look at him like what the hell... then his mother, Daniel, and I feel the strong undertow turn around and just get toppled by a wave! When I made it back to shore.... I  was pissed! I had sand in places that I thought were not possible. How Christopher knew this wave was coming, who knows but I did not talk to him all the way to camp site (which was like a 5minute walk). However, we made it up by making me the prefect roasted marshmallow (it is an art)!!!!

Another Day

We were going home to visit family from Parris Island. We were talking in the Honda and I am not sure how the conversation got onto the topic of fake punches. I remember stating how my brother tried to use those stupid fake wrestling moves... then next thing I know I was showing him one of the fake punches my brother tried on me when I was younger. Well it did not go as plan... he ended up turning his head in the process while I had my hand up in a ready to do the fake punch... I ended up punching him so hard in the jaw...his head bounced off the window. I am surprised we did not crash that day...and to this day he will not let live it down.

One More Day

When we took a trip the Helen, GA we went to Cabbage Patch Hospital where I wanted to get a soft face cabbage patch. Well they make you walk through the hospital and learn about the history of the Cabbage Patch history then you enter Cabbage Patch land where the Cabbage Patch Babies are born... it is a pretty neat place. So we went through the process of getting the Cabbage Patch...well we had no idea we were going to watch the baby being born! Well that was a surprise all in itself (now at this time we did not have a child)... we are surrounded by little girls and then next thing they know they made us say a pledge of adoption... I thought Christopher was going to run right then and there... but as serious as he was taking his oath into the service... we adopted our Cabbage Patch baby... after we are done... we just started laughing when we were out of there. I asked him I could not believe how well he took this (because I had no clue they made you do this). He said he just could not upset any of those little girls... even how silly he felt and he said as soon as he heard our name he was ready to run and leave me in the dust!

Here is a link to other people's story board dates... some of them are funny as hell but I am sure you have at least one you can remember..

However, romance is not always easy aka bad romance! Being in a relationship is never completely easy and there will be times that it will be at it is worse...

I want your horror, I want your design'Cause you're a criminal as long as you're mineI want your loveLove, love, love, I want your love

I want your psycho, your vertical stickWant you in my rear window, baby, you're sickI want your love
Love, love, love, I want your love(Love, love, love, I want your love)

You know that I want youAnd you know that I need you('Cause I'm a freak, baby)
I want it bad, bad romance

I signed up to be a Marine wife and even though I lived in the military lifestyle my entire life. I never thought I would every be in the same group of women (the Wars of the Past, Present, and Future) praying for their husbands safety, waiting to hear from their husband/lover, wanting them to return home safely to you from the battlefield. I am going to simply put it like this.... it is a very hard lifestyle to live as a spouse or child and if you have not lived it- you simply do not know). We do not sign up for health problems or life crisis... I am sure my husband did plan to sign up for a woman who was Bipolar ( I did not even plan on signing up for that one). Being bipolar and having a successful relationship is not easy and there are days I wish I could just throw my Bipolar disorder away. Another thing we did not sign up for was the struggle to have a child... with having a diagnosis of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) we embarked on one of the hardest journeys of our lives. There were tears, asked him to leave me (I told my husband he should divorce me because he would lose his chance to have a child), lack of sex and love making (there is a difference), and just simple hurt.

This hurt did not last forever.... we were blessed with our miracle and our bad romance started going back up... what I mean by this is because when you go through infertility battle... it will be havoc on your romantic life... now I am not going to say this is going to be the only thing in the world that will... that will play havoc on my romantic life.... I would be a fool not too... now right I do not see what that page may be in my bad romance... whether my husband is the lead and I am the support and so on... we will just keep writing pages in our bad romance.

Every time my husband returns home.... from deployment and even just the field... we get another honeymoon phase.. I love that we get to know each other over and over again. I love making his favorite meal. The way he ask me if he can play his game... or how a grown man still watches Saturday Cartoons.

When I am in my husbands arms it feels like nothing can go wrong (even though things have).... I know we can overcome it (the drama in the books and the movie) and when we accomplish what has gone wrong (the happy ending).

I think a bad romance is such an amazing concept... now whether or not Lady Gaga knows this or not is up to her but I believe as an artist... they hope to inspire their fans (hopefully positively). I took these lyrics as my own insight.

We are in it for the Good, Bad, and the Ugly!!!


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