Friday, March 27, 2015

National World Bipolar Day - March 30

Image belongs to International Bipolar Foundation 
March 30th is a very important day to me it is almost birthday celebrating day for me.... it is National World Bipolar Day!!! The vision of this day is to bring world awareness and the stigma of bipolar disorders. This day means we are one step closer to ending the stigma not only around Bipolar but other mental illnesses as well! I could not be happier and honored to be part of this day.

The International Bipolar Foundation ( asked people who lived with bipolar, caregivers who help someone with bipolar, and the general public to submit a photo with a sign or positive message that would be shared on World Bipolar Day via Facebook and Twitter. I knew this is something that I had to do and be apart of.

So I thought I would write this blog post to go along with my photo for World Bipolar Day... So I hope you enjoy this particular post as I did!!!

Property of a Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
* I am not my illness

* I am a daughter, wife, and mother

* I am loved 

* I love with all my heart, body, and soul

* I am not crazy, insane, or unstable 

* I love music, crafts, and to read 

* I love animals 

* I am a fighter and will continue to fight for my invisible illnesses 

* I support invisible illness

* I am a stigma fighter

* I respect all

* I look like just everyone else but unique 

* I will fight for my family

* I am creative 

* I may have an illness but in reality it is more of a blessing not a burden 

* I like to dance like no one is watching 

* I am clumsy 

* I care 

* I am proactive in treating bipolar

* I love the many forms of therapy out there

* I am not afraid to tell someone I am Bipolar 

* I look just like anyone else

* I will not be a negative statistic 

* I am not meant to be used as a label 

* I am in good company 

Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life 


  1. I love that pic and this post! It is so important to speak up and put an end to all the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses.

    Thank you so much for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

    1. Thank you! It was a day I had to be part of!!!

  2. I am embarrassed that I missed this day and World Autism Awareness Day. I was not on my game last week. I love what you stand for and that you are all about breaking the stigma. You are an amazing woman Courtney. Thank you for being an advocate for all. #MommyMeetUpMondays