Friday, May 17, 2013

DIY Bath Paints

I know I have not written in a bit. I was waiting for my new anti-virus program. Anyways onto my post.

Are you addicted to Pinterest an actually do some of the things you see on it? Well I fell in love with DIY Bath Paints! This idea is so simple and cheap that will make bath time for your little one so much fun!

Here is what you will need for DIY Bath Paints

These are first bath paints I made

Shaving Cream Foam (I bought mine at the dollar store and I bought the sensitive kind).
Container or something for the bath paints (I found these little containers also at the dollar store but I have seen people use paper plates, muffin tins, and so on)
Food Coloring
Paint Brush (Optional)

Alter the recipe any way that you need

I fill up the small container with shaving foam and then add 1-2 drops of food coloring (I strongly recommend no more then that). I then mix it with a chopstick since my son does not use the paint brush yet.

Now my biggest concern was that I was going to stain the tub because it will change the water colors. However, the first time I made them I decided to make all 4 basic colors to test them out. Besides changing the water colors there were no stains no nothing. I was really concerned about the red (I just gave the tub an extra rinse after bath time). Also the first time I made them my son was a little hesitant of what he was suppose to do with them but now I make just two colors at a time (will likely increase when he gets older) and he has a great time painting the bath tub!

Cost to Make Bath Paints

This cost less then a dollar to make (probably less then $.25 per batch). I have seen bath foam retail for about $4.00!!! So this is a great cheap fun thing to do!

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