Friday, April 26, 2013

Cardboard Squares into Simple Stencils

I thought I would put together this little blog while I am waiting for my son to wake up from his nap. As you guys know I am a crafter and right now I am prepping fat quarters and felt for some new projects. Well I got a nice little surprise/idea from a fat quarter. Depending on where you buy your actual fat quarters (not making them) they sometimes will come with a piece of cardboard. Now I use to throw them away and then I decided to start keeping them because they were firm but not to firm where I could not cut through to them. So as I said I started saving them for a use that was yet unknown to me. Well the one thing that I do not like to purchase is stencils, they are often so expensive and I just have a hard time finding what I need with the craft stores in my area and buying them online it is hard for me to judge the actual size (even though they give you the measurements).

Now I am not an expert with making my own stencils and I am sure this idea is not new. However, I can do basic shapes and petals to the size that I want and need! So far I have done a couple of petals, circles, and of course squares. I plan on doing some hearts and some other neat shapes that are simple. I am sure you can make a more complicated stencil but for what I need them for simple is always better! The thing I like is these cardboard stencils cost nothing to make (besides when I initially purchased the fat quarters!). So that is a win for me! I am always about cutting corners where I can and this seems to be a very effective way!

Here is the cardboard insert from on of the fat quarters I have purchased. Just by typing in a search sites for "free shape images" or "free simple shape images" (is what I typed). I was able to find things like these examples!

I am so excited to use these stencils for my craft projects that I need to use simple shapes for!

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