Tuesday, November 18, 2014

When Life Is Just Normal or What is Normal For Us... My Daily Life

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I love when things in our household seem to be just normal. When nothing seems to be super exciting in either direction just the normal life events in this Bipolar Mom's life. I know people love to post pictures and share how exciting or bad their week or weekend has been but I love to embrace when things are just daily life.

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We decided to run our errands earlier in the week so we would have no where to go on this past weekend. There were several places that we had to go so with our kids bundled up we headed out. One of our destinations was a craft store! Now I usually go into a craft store by myself which is often a disaster but my husband wanted to go. I could not help but to get excited because my husband has this idea for this outside Christmas tree decoration that he would like to make for the house this year. We also helped our son pick out a gift for his speech therapist for their last session before he transfers over to the school. Also for completing his speech with his EDIS we let him pick out an item at the Craft Store. We ended up with a toy truck from Melissa & Doug (which is a company that I love) you would have thought we bought him gold! He has been playing with truck non-stop! What I love about this toy no lights, no batteries, and no noise. Not because we do not like those type toys because we have plenty of those in the house but because they are so simple :) . Of course Daddy had to get Caydance something too so there was a My Little Pony stuff animal wrapped in her little fingers and I knew it was a battle I was happily going to loose. It is okay to do the just because once in a while :) .
Our weekend is normal cleaning, crafting (well I was crafting), playing, family movie night, routine, filling out next weeks schedule, a couple of melt downs, and talking to the Grandparents.

The movie we ended up choosing was Free Birds! It happens to be really cute Thanksgiving movie for the family and enough humor to keep the adults in the family entertained! I thought the movie had a really good message. For the people who have Netflix you can watch it there.

There start of this week has been so slow... I realized as I type this it is only Wedensday..

We have already been filled with hubs physical therapy, Caleb's final speech assessment, dinners, playtime, figuring what to do with the cold weather, and we are only half way there...

So as you can see this Bipolar Mom's Daily Life is not always full of ups and downs. I am feeling normal... thing are normal...and that is PERFECT TO ME!!!!

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