Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What My Page and Blog Is Really About...

What is your page about?

What does this have to be with being bipolar?

Are you really Bipolar? 

You seem to positive all the time do your moods ever change?

Your Page Is Not Like Other Bipolar Pages?

I am a mom, wife, and daughter but I am also diagnosed and live with two health conditions bipolar and PCOS. However, these two sole thing do not define my life or are "me", there are numerous things that make me. That is why I created the blog "Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life" and then after the Facebook page. Now the overall purpose/goal of this blog and page is show people that you can live, strive through the obstacles that you face, and accomplish so much through in ones life. 

I can achieve this with a small amount of education of mental illness and PCOS but also how I live my life with these two health issues. So what does this have to be with being bipolar? I ask you how is this not related to being bipolar? I am me! I live my life! I do not wake up going "How is this going to be a bipolar day?" but instead think of what I have to do that day and if my moods happen to go off like a light switch or I feel myself going up or down then I do it what I do when it comes to being bipolar. As I stated before being bipolar is only aspect of my life. So on my blog and page you will discover in many aspects I am just like anyone else! Who would have thought! I love to craft, cook, diying, and everything else in between. I take care of my household which includes a handsome Marine and two beautiful miracles. So why not share it? It is my daily life! If  I share my experiences through my page and blog of my music therapy, crafts, my journals, routine, books, doctor appointments related to my mental health or PCOS and end up help just one person then I have reached my purpose of this blog and the forms of Social Media I created.

I was questioned the other day are you really bipolar? You seem to be to positive do your moods ever change? At first I was taken a back but then laughed to myself about this question. I guess I do not super show it on my page but I choose not express my 24/7. If I did express my mood like that on the page I would never get any sleep and you would likely get sick of my page and think of my page nothing more of attention seeker. Instead I love to express myself through humor, sayings, quotes, inspiration, and so on. This type of expression would also include areas of my health as well. However, this page is about Bipolar too so there are times I will and have focused on my mood. I believe it is important to let people who follow my page that I do go through downs or not feeling well. It is something I need to be open about because it is apart of my life. I do not however post or blog about all my downs or mood shifts because I do not believe that serves the overall purpose/goal of my page and blog. It is often very hard to explain mood shifts especially the downs because I just don't know. I can educate you mood shifts and what it is like to fall down the rabbit hole but I like to show you how I pull myself out of that hole as well. I also believe to much negativity can be a very bad thing not only to purpose/goal of pages in your actual life and it is something I would rather not have on page or blog every day but instead replacing it with overcoming whatever that negativity is one life. 

Why doesn't your page look like other bipolar pages? How is my page and blog suppose to look? I follow many mental health pages and I can tell you each of us are unique each bonded together by some sort of mental illness. Some of these pages are pure educational, just personal blogs, focused on a certain mental illness, and so on. My page simply speaks for me as their page speaks for them hopefully. 

What I love about my page and blog I think it goes beyond just some one who lives with bipolar and PCOS. I have already met so many wonderful people through the page and blog growth. Of course I met other people like me who live with or know someone with a mental illness but I have met crafters, business owners, farmers, homesteaders, cooks, just for fun communities, bloggers, and so on! One of the best things that have happened though through this page and blog though are the people that have come forward with their own struggle with mental illness but never shared it with anyone for multiple reasons. 

I am not sure where my blog or page is headed or how big it will become. Am I afraid of unknown? Very much so but it is no different from a lot of the other unknowns. In life I know there will people I will come across people who do not care for me or how I run my page or blog. The fact of life is we will not be everyone' cup of tea. I can promise you though I will always promote respect, no drama, bullying, or bashing! I am a very open minded person and respect peoples values, morales, religion, and opinions. I ask you extend the me the same because I can tell you now my page will be far from being politically correct. So I will tell you Merry Christmas, send you prayers, and have post that specific overtones. You can tell me whatever you want, send positive thoughts and I will like your posts if I like them or can relate to them as long their is mutual respect. I will continue to focus on what this page and blog is becoming and getting to know other people and pages. I have already learned so many wonderful things from so many people and pages.

So this is Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life and this what her blog and page is really like! 

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