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24 Books of Christmas Advent Countdown

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As we all know Christmas talks earlier and earlier each year. I went to store during Halloween and they had Christmas trees ups and we are not talking about a craft store where they help get crafters get an early start on their products. I am serious a no joke chain store! However, that is neither here or there for this post! However, one of the things I did see floating around Facebook was about 24 books of Christmas. Now there are many versions of this on Pinterest and links all over Facebook but the overall basic concept is that you wrap 24 books and have your child unwrap each night and you read it together as a family. I could not help but to love this idea! I mean I am huge bookworm and my kids are always wanting me to read to them.

So here is my version of 24 books of Christmas!

Now I first obviously needed 24 books and I know this could get very expensive if you are wanting to go the all new route. Have you seen the price of new books and children books? However, if you are like me buying used books is something that I love to do and you can find really great used books at the thrift stores, local used book stores, and 2nd in Charles. So you can actually be frugal in this project and can be budget friendly if you plan it out right. I was able to do everything including by adding a little bonus of those little chocolate advent calenders just right over $20 dollars when everything was said and done. You will also need to decide what type of books you want! I decided that I really did not need 24 themed Christmas books but I made sure to mix and match! I also had to make sure for my 24 books of  Christmas there were at two must haves in this count down.

1. The Night Before Christmas By: Clement Clarke

2. The Christmas Story - This is actually written by many authors so you find the version or the author you like

My Bounty Of Books: Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
The possibilities of what type theme or how you would like to approach you want to take whether it as all Christmas, Christian overtones, Winter themed, non-themed books, and so on. You can do anything you want!

The next you will have to wrap all 24 books. Now if you are super great wrapper be my guest go all out and wrap them and make them all look pretty! I however, have two little ones a 16-month and a 3 year old I highly doubt they were going to notice the fine wrapping that I have done. Actually when I am older they will not notice that either because I suck at wrapping gifts. So I found some white tissue paper I had buried in my craft room  and wrapped up the 24 books. Nothing fancy and simple for my kids to tare apart.  However, if you are looking for some really fancy ideas I suggest for you to check out Pinterest !!!

One of the last things you will need to decide is where you want to put these 24 books. I would say think about your children's age for this one. I have two little ones so putting them under the tree or in their reach would have been a complete disaster on my end. So I decided to actually keep them in my bedroom where my books are stored and my children's books are stored as well. However, I did make a small presentation for my kids and I think it went over well with them. I have seen on Pinterest people putting them in little wagons, stacking them in a form of Christmas tree, putting them under the tree, having them in a specific order, and so on. So if you need inspiration just log on to Pinterest there are tons of wonderful ideas. I also decided to add those cute count down calenders with a small piece of chocolate for each night! I mean who does not like a little sweet treat at the end of the night?

My Presentation/Display Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
So each night we add opening a new book and reading it and topping it off with a little sweet treat !

Little Ones Super Excited For Their Calenders: Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Look Caydance! See Mine?! :Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
I could not any other way to count down Christmas....

Caleb Unwrapping The First Book: Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
I Let Them Explore The Book First: Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
Caleb Reading To Caydance: Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
Caydance...not sure what she is doing here:Property of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Now someone to do an adult version for me

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