Monday, December 15, 2014

When You Come Across Another Moving Blog: One Ruud Mom

I am very new to the blogger world and there is so much I have to learn! I mean there is I have a lot learn but that is all of the process. Now I had a blog for a bit now but was hardly active on it until I made the choice to close down my craft business and expand upon my blog  "A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life" I opened up a new Facebook page you guessed it named... A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life . It has been joy and complete experience meeting new people from all over the place and one of the new people I have met was a fellow and new blogger. I cannot tell you who made contact via networking first because I love to network and meet people and try to get to know most people but I would love to share One Ruud Mom with you.

I have come across a lot of mom "blogs" already and instead of what I saw as what should be uplifting or what they claim to to be an adventure in their own life came off very in your face in topics and I felt like added fuel to Mommy wars which just drive me nuts! As parents we all do what we believe is the best for our children and on the hot topic button issues this becomes more apparent than ever on what "we believe is best for our children sometimes to the point to bringing each other down instead of respecting each others choices. However, One Ruud Mom addresses her mommy adventures to me is truly moving and a breath of fresh air.

I believe our blog is a reflection of us! I do not think the author of One Ruud Mom could be a better example of this. Juliana Ruud or as she says "Jules" is the owner of One Ruud Mom is very honest and open about her life as a mother and wife. She has had several curve balls than most people have faced but instead of focusing on just the curve balls of life she embraces everything and writes with such honesty, love, general positive, and emotions as she shares her new adventures as a mom as well facing past curve balls. It is very hard for us to face our past let alone our future and she does both beautiful. So I encourage you to get to know her.

As I stated earlier I come across a lot of mom blogs that I thought should be uplifting or expressing their adventures in their life but seem to be the opposite. However, Jules One Ruud Mom promises her adventures and so much more. I will give you an example on why I love reading her blog! She wrote a blog post on breastfeeding. Now when I usually see these topics likes this I usually pass right by them no matter who writes them. I mean I just do not pass them I actually run for the hills and do not look back because this can be a hot topic issue for Moms where the claws come out, stances are made, and so on. I just basically take the position to each it own. When you read her post I Did It It and Now I am Done it is so not much about pro-breast feeding than it is about her experience breastfeeding her child. She talks about being a ball of stress before giving birth, a nursing plan that did not go to plan, her mom making her see the smaller and bigger picture, being grateful, and being able to breastfeed for the entire year. As a Mom I loved reading about her experience about breastfeeding vs telling me about the benefits of breastfeeding. I could tell you as a Mom I would much rather reach out or share my own experience to someone who is willing to share their experience whatever the outcome was in  breastfeeding to someone who wrote with passion, love, and honesty. However, with all those traits never harsh or hurtful to someone else.

So if you are looking for a Mom blog who offers what they say I encourage you to check out Jules One Ruud Mom.

Much Love From A Bipolar Mom !

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  1. Yay! We love Jules at One Ruud Mom!

  2. This is so cool! Congrats to my best blogging buddy on the wonderful review! Go Jules!

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