Sunday, January 25, 2015

10 Years and Counting!!!! Married To The Most Wonderful Man!!!

So I know this post is late but I still had to do it! 

On December 31, 2014 Christopher and I Celebrated 10 Years of Marriage and Counting!!! So I thought I would write a 10 year count down to being married to the most wonderful man of my life!!!
Our Drinks From Our 10 Year Annev Date At The Melting Pot: Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life 

December 31, 2004 we got hitched!!!

Our Wedding 12/31/2004:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Our Wedding 12/31/2004- He Dropped Cake Down My Dress:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

1- Christopher is my one and only! He is so loving and caring even though he is a big strong Marine ;) . He is willing to do anything for his family to include defending our country. He is not only my husband but he is my best friend as well!!! Plus he looks damn good in his uniform.

My Marine:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

2-  We have been through a lot such as deployments and living with my bipolar. We however went through one of the biggest struggles and journey of our lives and that would be to have children. It took us almost 6 years to have children but we were finally blessed with two miracles... Caleb and Caydance and with these two precious miracles we know our family is complete.

Christopher and I pregnant with Caleb but actually did not know it was him we were finding that out the next day:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Caleb and I at Christopher's Homecoming 2012:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Caydance 2013:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

3- We are oddly obsessed with C-names.... All of our fur babies start with C's as well (Charlie, Chloe, Corona, and Casper). Please note Caydance came way before I even met Christopher. Her name was inspired from the movie Shallow Hal. Cadence was the little girl in the burn unit.

4- Christopher and I have celebrated many holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays apart. You got to love the military!!!
One of the Valentines Day we were seperated from due to a deployment:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life 

Homecoming kiss 2012:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

5- Christopher and I did not go on real honeymoon until our 5th year of marriage after he returned home from a deployment. We went to Helen, Georgia and also visited the Cabbage Patch Hospital...Lets just say Christopher was a real trooper and we adopted a soft face cabbage patch baby.

6- My husband and I do not fight. We do bicker from time to time. We also do not get along on the phone because he cannot hear. It is actually a little funny because we met via an online chat room (when chat rooms were cool) and also talked on the phone. We are also given a grace period when he deploys... other than that we hardly talk on the phone.

7- I punched my husband in the face once on accident when we first got married and he has yet to let me live it down. The story goes we were driving to see my parents from Beaufort, SC and we were talking about wrestling and fake punches and my brother practicing those type moves on me when we were little. I proceeded to show him and have no sense of space and punched him right in jaw. He swears his head bounced off the window (I debate this fact). I however not let him live his "night in shining armor moment down". This was also early in our marriage and we were camping with his parents. His brother, mother, and we were all playing in the ocean. Christopher and I were having romantic moment when all of sudden he drops me! When I finally come up I find me running towards the shore and turn around just in time to see a wave about to pummel us!!! So until he lets me live it down I have this...

8- I turned my Georgia boy into Oregon loving man. He is still southern as all get out and eats those nasty grits aka wallpaper paste! No I am not from Oregon it where most of my family is from. I was born in Germany via the United States Army and then lived in multiple areas where my Daddy was stationed.

9- It is amazing what we have learned and what you do for each other. When we first started dating Christopher found out my best friend was a guy. Was he jealous? Nope! In fact they are really good friends an act like brothers from another mother. Our friendship has evolved to show that platonic relationships do exist and his wife is just the same. We also learned new things about each other such as I do like on anime (spelling) series "Bleach" however after that I cannot tell any other ones apart. He however puts up with my mini craft store. He will go antiquing with me as long as I give him a mission to look for something (must be the Marine in him). We cannot be game partners and I refuse to be his spade partner he is a meanie! We will also learned how much we truly enjoy each other company and how much our time is cherished each other!!!

Christopher and I through the years:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Christopher and I through the years:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Christopher and I through the years:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

10-  We knew we were going to make it this far. We however did not know what we were going through to get to this point... so if we could go back of course we do it all over again but we would tell our younger selves to keep holding on  to each other and there is light at the end of tunnel.

The Man Never Smiles But I Promise He Is Happy:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

So this is our first 10 years of marriages <3 . We still have much more to do and learn about each other! We know it will not always be easy and I sure there will be more ups and downs. There will also be more adventures to come and personally I cannot wait to see what the next 10 years has in store for us.

Christopher and I at 10 years:  Property of A Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life


  1. Yay!!! Congrats on 10 yrs and counting! . Actually in 2015 it will make both ten yrs of being together and later, marriage 10 yrs for us as well. I always live reading these types of posts about couples or people because you get to know them a little better. And sometimes to u fond out you have more in common than you know ow. For instance my hubby and I did not mean in a chat room, but we did meet online, before that was like the thing to do lol. Funny story I'll tell ya later lol!

  2. Congratulations on 10 years! I sure hope my husband and I get that far hehe. You two look great together!

  3. Congrats! I love hearing stories about how couples met and the evolution of a relationship. I love what you said about learning from each other and learning about each other. I think the couples who stop growing are the ones who fall apart. Can't wait to see your 20 year post :-)

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

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