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Boot Cuff Review!!! -Burchfield's Custom Crochet

A bit ago I was asked to review a pair of crocheted boot cuffs. I have actually never done a blog review of an item so not sure how to go about it and if there was any specific "way" to go about. However, after reading a couple of other blog reviews I think it is really up to me on how I want to go about this review.

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Burchfield's Custom Crochet  is a small custom made crochet shop that offers custom made pieces. Now I know there are tons of crocheters out there to include myself but the one thing this praticular store has is amazing turn around time without reducing quaility of her work, The boot cuffs I am actually about to give you a review on were actually made shortly before Christmas but because the buzz of the holidays on my end I was not able to get to my review until now. So if you are needing a faster turn around time, Burchfield's Custom Crochet  is worth checking out!

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Now on to the fun part!

If you have been on Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, and a couple of other Social Media sites you have likely run across boot cuffs. Crocheted boot cuffs are designed to give your boots a little flare/edge/style! The lovely owner of Burchfield's Custom Crochet let me choose the color of the cuffs and there was only one color came to my mind.... PURPLE!!!!

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So through the holidays I was in boot heaven trying all my boots on (believe me there are a lot) and seeing what I liked with the cuffs. The boots I really loved them with were my soft black and grey boots. I chose to take pictures in these boots because I thought they looked frikin awesome. I did try them on with more shiny black boots but the cuffs and boots canceled each other out. So these will be worn with my softer boots. I am sure if I chose a different color I could find a color that would work with my shinier boots.

Black Boots: Property Of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Grey Boots: Property Of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
However, just looking good in a pair of boot cuffs is only half of the review! The second part of the review is function of these boot cuffs. I have worn these boot cuffs several days and found that boot cuffs stayed in place and needed little adjustment throughout day. The only issue I had was my daughter trying to pull at them. I also found that I liked and how the boot cuff fits over my jeans vs my skin. I do not have sensitive skin but if you do this is something you might want to consider when wearing this product. Since Burchfield's Custom Crochet is a custom made crochet shop she can find a yarn type (for those who are not familiar with yarns there are tons out there) that you are comfortable wearing. Now if the yarn is switched out for another type yarn/material a price increase is likely in order.

Jeans and my higher boots: Property Of Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life


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I know people often juggle the cost of whether to buy handmade, remember buying handmade you are supporting independent designers and artisians who have worked hard to develop their skills, knowledge, and creativity.

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