Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve Box

I know this is late but I still wanted to share this Christmas Eve Tradition!

I have seen this idea floating now for several years now on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media websites....the Christmas Eve Box. When I saw this box a couple years ago this is something I knew I wanted to do with my children. This is the first year though I have actually put Christmas Eve Box Tradition into action because I wanted to wait until my children were old enough to enjoy the box and hopefully have some understanding of what this tradition is and will be about.

You can go Pinterest and I am sure other social media websites and Google terms like Christmas Eve Box you will find tons of ideas an how you would like to do you to do your Christmas Eve Box. There are tons of ideas out there but I thought I would show how we did our this past Christmas!!!

My husband and I wrapped up a huge box with some Christmas Wrapping Paper. Than we decided on the items for the box.

~Items is the Vaughn Christmas Eve Box~

The first ever Vaughn Christmas Eve Box! : Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life 
* New PJ's for the family 
* A couple of movies (Christmas themed one and the new Ninja Turtle Movie)
* Game
* Coloring Books
* The Books "Night Before Christmas" and "Christmas Story" 
* Hot Chocolate 
* Slippers for the kids
* Reindeer Food (See a special Thank You a little later to a wonderful shop owner) 
* Cups for the kids 

About 3pm we presented the Christmas Eve Box to the kids! To see their eyes and reactions to the box was surely entertaining and heartwarming enough! With Caleb's saying "wow" and "what's that?" to Caydance climbing in the box!

Caleb and Caydance- The Best Picture I got: Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
So we had them change into their pjs, played games,ate junk food, watched movies, and read stories! I have no idea why these pictures kept coming out like this!!! However-here are my little ones in their new Christmas Jammies!

Caleb: Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Caydance: Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

One of the special moments of the night though is when we went to place the reindeer food! Now before I continue I must send out a wonderful and huge thank you to the lady who sent this wonderful gift to my children! The owner of The Sweet Season  sent my children this amazing reindeer food and it just added such a special touch to their night! They make wonderful handmade goodies so I really encourage you to check out her shop and check out her amazing and drool worthy items. I have been trying to find a way to thank her and wanted to share this with her! I know I do not have a lot of followers or readers but if you check out The Sweet Season  I promise you will not be sorry!  I put their contact information down at the bottom of this post!

Reindeer Food- Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

Reindeer Food: Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

So to round out the evening we put on our coats even though it was raining and sprinkled the reindeer food so Santa surely would find the house!

Caleb messing with the lights: Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life
Caleb getting the food from his Daddy and Caydance missing a slipper! Property Bipolar Mom and Her Daily Life

This will be a tradition that will be going strong in our household! I am sure we will adapt and make changes as our children grow and get older. I however, know I will be loving this for years to come!!!

The Sweet Season Contact Information

The Sweet Season - Gourmet Hand-Wrapped & Dipped Chocolate Covered Cherries are the specialty of the house. Other items include specialty breads, cakes & trifles. No designer cakes here...just made from scratch goodies like grandma used to make!


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