Thursday, February 10, 2011

46 Chromosome Say What? (My Science Face)

I am by nature a very scientific person, I believe I have always been that way my life. My mom still says to this day I am the first one willing to research ad try to find the answer, if there is an answer to be found. As a human (I assume most of you are) we are comprised of 46 Chromosomes, two sets 23 given to me by my parents. Within these chromosomes contains my genetic makeup that account for a lot of things (I say a lot of things because I believe in both nature and nurture). However, before me my parents were comprised of chromosomes  given to them by their parents. The estimated genes one person has is still unknown but it makes me think of numerous wonderful, interesting, funny, and fascinating facts.


We eat DNA every day.
If the Human Genome was a book equivalent to 800 dictionaries.
If I unwrap all my DNA in my cells (or yours) it could reach the moon 6000 times.
You have more genetically in common with your first biological cousin then your biological sibling (which is funny to think about when you look at your family)

My mom says research is in my blood my dad says I am a fountain of useless of knowledge. I cannot help to come to conclusion my parents made me that way. Hey I cannot argue with science! However, being a lover of science often brings great dilemmas into my life. I often find myself asking questions that I do not have concrete answers too or I have seen something that has me question something I once viewed as concrete. However, I believe someone who has a science side can be open to many things (speaking from personal experience) but anyone can be open to many things but the key thing is you have to be WILLING. I believe you find this in a lot of my post the word "open".

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.  ~Wernher Von Braun

I love atoms, snakes, chemical reactions, human biology, bones, psychology, test tubes, facts, theories, and everything far and in between.

I guess what it boils down too.... I like to push the envelope, I like to research, I want to discover new things, I want to come to new revelations, and I want to hear everyone's side.

My own thoughts

Science is just as hard facts as it is chance.... chance is faith.... faith is chance.... with all of this you can have ~HOPE~

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