Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jello Salad Brain

One thing you will notice about is that I have Jello Salad Brain. In other words I have thousands upon thousands of ideas in my head. I think of this as a challenge and curse... related to many things. It may because I am Bipolar or mind really does work like that. I have so many ideas, goals, and concepts that get put into this brain of mine. Then from there I try to extract these ideas, goals, and concepts and put them into action. Sometimes it is easier then said done... I feel like I want to accomplish the world in so many areas. However, these ideas can often overwhelm me in sometimes a negative aspect.

Bipolar- yes I am Bipolar.... go tell it on the mountain. I am not ashamed or afraid for people knowing I have this disorder. However, with this being said and with this topic I do find myself trying to figure out why my brain works the way it does (yes another thing for the Jello Salad). Sometimes I feel like my ideas are over flowing and then I find myself running around my house trying to put my ideas into action.... this also tells me I am going into a hypo-manic stage but that is another post all together (soon). I am learning though I am only one person and that I cannot accomplish it all (well in one day).

Calm- I also love the ability to pull out an idea from the Jello Salad and put it into action. I have some great things coming about in my Jello Salad. However, with each idea extracted another one is added.

Things I am currently working on - selling crafts, working on myself, boundaries, understanding crime, working on my bucket list, poetry, and focusing on where I want to do with my Masters.

Things that are still in my Jello Salad- change and proper goal setting. I want scuba dive, travel the world, learn a new language, and take ballroom dance lessons....

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  1. I think traveling the World sounds like a great idea. I was just talking to a friend over lunch on Sunday about scuba diving and she said that the equipment is really heavy like when you're walking to the water. Anyways you should travel the world while you can, because once you have kids you can't. I myself realized that I am loving my single days more than I like to admitt. Standing in a booth singing Karokee this past Saturday does that count? Lol, you are on the right track Courtney!