Monday, February 28, 2011

Looks At The Whole Picture- but who do I talk to?

I like to think I have the ability to look at the whole picture. In other words step out of my own views and look at everyones thoughts, beliefs, and just questions- I think it is often called well rounded but I think that term is wrong because I do think I am well rounded because one thing is I am not confining myself into a shape. However, this ability puts me into a position in who can I talk to about my views, beliefs, or questions about without the fear of judgement (perhaps that is why I am well suited for a career in psychology). The fact is we are all passionate about something but it is often hard to find people you can to with becoming angry because of something that was said. I usually try to stick by a rule = DO NOT TALK POLITICS, RELIGION, HOT TOPICS, and OTHER THINGS AS WELL with friends. Most of my friends know this about me and some others accuse me of not having a backbone but if THEY really know me.... this is something I do not budge on.

However, I have been so blessed to know these two women.We could not come different backgrounds, beliefs, thoughts, and values but what makes these two women different is they do not judge me and I do not judge them. They do not personally know each other but they both bring so much into life. They constantly challenge my minds and make me think of things in a new way.

One, is very well traveled, likes to experience new things, can tell in an instant if I am over stress. I love talking to her about movies, where she has been, her concern for my husband safety (and the other military men), she is a hard worker. I do not get to see her as often as I like but just to know her is truly an adventure in itself. I tell her where I want to travel and my dreams she is encouraging. She is caring and warm! However, we can laugh at the silliest things. Like Salt tuning into Rice :-)

The other woman I know has known me for a while. She has such a unique personality and I admire her for just being her.What I love the most is that we can talk about most anything, there has been so many late night conversations about beliefs, pin-ups, and what is going on. I remember telling her once I thought I was born in the wrong time period (which is another post) instead of acting like I am nuts she understands. We have different faiths but she does not judge me and I do not judge her. I think it amazing to have this with her because I know it is hard to find someone they can talk to about anything without the fear of judgement.

I think anyone is lucky to have friends like this because they do not try to change you, argue with you, or anything else. They just want you to be you and only you!

A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same.
Elbert Hubbard

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  1. That was quite awesome and tit was one of the best conversatiosn I have ever had. Keep writing.