Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Where Are You My Craft? (My Craft Face)

I am a crafter, I am not sure if there really is any other name for it... I am not sure how long I have been crafting but I do know that it has been in a while! There are things that I am good at and others that I am still mastering but the key here is trying. I do know that I am a yarn junkie from the word go and I have a complete love for crocheting. I just cannot get enough of working with my hands in this aspect, I think in many ways because it is becoming a lost art like actually letter writing. I love to see my ideas come to life so-to-speak. There are a lot of women and men in my family that have sparked great creativity in me. I guess I have been blessed to get it from both sides..... I will name a few and why I am inspired (there are way to many to list)

My Grandma Franklin-I remember her sewing room, to me it was huge (the actual size does not matter). However, I remember some great creations that came from that room... a foot pillow and a frog (that I still have). Now I am still learning my way around fabric, thread, and a needle but hope to make her one day proud.

My Grandpa Franklin- I do not remember a lot as personal memories but I came across a pattern he had drawn for some wood working. I do not do any woodworking but the pattern is what inspired me because it has the perfectionist streak in it and it is something you want to stand by and be proud of. 

My Aunt Gail- I am not sure what this woman cannot do, I have tons of memories of her sewing or working out in a workshop. My Aunt is a natural when it comes to things like crafting, gardening, canning, and so much more (proof that it is in the blood). Hopefully, her green thumb will rub of on me!

My Daddy- my dad loves to work with wood maybe he got that from his dad but I have seen some amazing things these past few years come out on his creative side. He has always been good fixing and building things and coming up with great designs. He has taught me that we all need to find something that we like to do and share that talent!!! 

My Grandpa Clemo- He was a latch hooker, I remember him sitting there doing latch hooks. I am not sure why he did them but it is a great memory I have of him. I like to think it kept his mind busy. He always had mind teaser puzzles and other things to keep your mind sharp so maybe that was just one of this things!

My Grandma Clemo- She cross stitched but in all fairness she got it from me because I tried it when I was younger and well it did not end good. However, she corrected and I guessed liked it and she was doing it ever since. I stayed away from it for a very long time but some how I was brought back to it! I do other needle work such as needle point.

My Aunt Renae- This lady can decorate and make everything look just beautiful! She is such a hard worked. I love her eye for decorating and making everything stand out!

My brother- The artist, I would say starving but that is not the case. However, he is able to draw and paint. He makes fun of me that I cannot draw a stick figure but he has not seen a lot of my new projects! He gives me the inspiration to try new things.

My Mom- We like to explore new crafts together. Some things we are good at others we laugh at and go.... what in the world was that suppose to be.... we help each other with new techniques and explore what the craft world has to offer.

Sara C- She might as well be my sister. She is my best friend's wife however, this past year she gave this inspiration to go farther with my crafts. She was telling me about this website and said she say something that she thought she could make and just did.... she has nack for it to. NOW if I can get her to scrapbook!!! (HINT)!!! 

These are just some of the people who inspire me in this area!!! There are so many more but there simply is just not enough space or time!!!

However, I leave you with this.... if you are interested in trying something.... then try it! It does not matter if it does not turn out the way you thought it would or it leads to something else... the fact is you did it! 

Here are two of my favorite sites

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