Monday, February 21, 2011

My Love of My Life

I am glad Valentines Day has come and gone! I personally not a big fan of the holiday... in fact I think it has turned into such a show off holiday for women it makes me want to barf. Please do not get me wrong it is nice to receive things now and then from the one you love but on Valentines Day it comes down to the point see what I got, see how romantic he is, this is how much he loves me, and so on. I am not here to insult anyone it is just what I see... that is when I realized, I would honor my husband. He knows I am not a fan of Valentines so it was easy for me surprise him a couple days after. I took him by surprise just to show him how much I care... he was taken back... kind of like a girl finding roses or something a long that line... well that is what his face reminded me of. I have some great pictures. It was nothing huge, I gave him a stuff rabbit named Lucky (for Fishing), a photography book, and a card. His face was priceless.

With that being said. It is an amazing feeling when you know you have one of the good guys. My husband has been across the other side of world and can still make me feel so special. He makes me feel so special and has never once talked bad about me. We hardly argue but we like to bicker but love to be with each other. We like to play games, just talk, and goof off. Christopher and I have been through so much together... with the struggle to have a child and my health issues he has been by my side! His job and I have been by his side! I could not ask for a better man. 

I believe it is so odd, that who you end up with. Sometimes they are right in front of your face.... other times you are not even looking for love. This was the case for Christopher and I... I met my husband online (not a dating site) but a chat room. I just got out a relationship that was going no where and was just chatting with people and these people were just getting on my nerves (you know how big is your bra size). I was about to log off when this guy just popped up, he asked to chat and I was like what the in the world.... okay but as soon as he asks one question bad I am out of here... well he did not.... fast forward we have been married for over 6 years! I love him more and more each day! He is my world! He is my CareBear!

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