Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Changes are coming....

Changes are coming I can feel it in air! Actually I know they are coming and it how I will handle these changes and challenges that are coming up. There are many wonderful and new things happening in my life. There are also new paths that I am on that I cannot see that light at the end of the tunnel- but know that is the path that I need to be on. I often feel like I am going in so many directions that if I stop I might not know where I am so I just keep going. However, for once I know I am to take a deep breath, look back, relax, embrace, and figure things out but I cannot do that if I am always on the go. I feel like I was on this one path for so long it it time to make a turn and feel the sunlight on my face.... because of certain challenges I have faced and currently face things have changed and not for the better, I was angry, stressed, and tired for a numerous reasons. There were a lot of people in my path as well and a lot I did not give mercy too.... because the one thing I have the hardest dealing with is the feeling of "lost on self" or a "sense of control" you can relate that to whatever.... but I believe I have dealt with the serious side to much these past few years and not that is the bad thing but it can become overwhelming when you feel the world is against or on your shoulders. However, I do have several great people in my lives and I have a wonderful but stubborn headed cousin who has always been able to give me a reality check! Kind of like suck it up and get over it life sometimes sucks but still says it is okay to hit a pillow or something harder now and then.... it may seem mean but who needs someone always complaining about the hand they were dealt? There are times when I think, I really do not need this crap-now but the fact is I do and I think he just one that has the "ability" (you many insert your own words here) to do that because the fact is I am not mad at when he does it.... because it snaps be back and I guess I love him for it... his response is more likely "that is what I am here for". However, on a side note- PLEASE KNOW THAT WHEN MY COUSIN AND I ARE OLDER THERE WILL BE A BATTLE OF THE MINDS HE HAS THROWN DOWN A CHALLENGE THAT I WILL NOT LOSE TOO (This will happen latter in life, date to be determine, likely a family reunion, and with the rest of cousins witnessing this if has to continue on into another year so it be, I will crack that nut he calls a head).

No back on track!! Because I have taken this serious path for so long I am taking a break from it... I am going to remember great family memories, I am going to drink beer, I am going to read a ton of books that are not text related, I am going to watch tv all day, I am going to spend numerous days at the beach, and I going to be thankful for everyone and everything in my life. I know how lucky I am to have the people I do. It is also time to get back to me, the first face of Courtney-the goofy, the dorky, the nerdy, the clumsy, the singing in the shower and do not care, making faces at people in the car, walking barefoot, and getting a pet rat named Stinky!

So As Pink Says In Her Song: Raise Your Glass

So raise your glass if you are wrong
In all the right ways
All my underdogs
We will never be, never be
Anything but loud and nitty gritty
Dirty little freaks
Won't you come on, and come on and
Raise your glass
Just come on, and come on and
Raise your glass


  1. I used the song in my blog too! Ha!

  2. I will have to read it... I love that song! It describes what I am feeling!

  3. It's the one about tattoos and piercings.

  4. Get crazy cousin! Good for you!! I'll raise a glass to that! :)