Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Can Tell... New Face

Some recent events have finally told that I am on the right path for at least one part of my life and that is relating to people...odd I know? However, when I think about it is it really not that odd at all. I am an active listener, do not judge their view on things, and if they want my advice then I give it (because you can give all the advice in the world but they do not have to take it). I always tell my self that I am a science brain person but I guess there is more to my brain then I realized. I am often a sounding board for many people and I KNOW the importance of have that need but I have to laugh to myself because my mother has told me this and so has some friends but it was not until now that my eyes were open. I can hear my mom saying " I told you so" but unless you realize it for yourself you are not going to see it. 

Now I am still very much a science brain person and I love to find logic and see results. My parents said I am willing to research anything, I am a little bit of evolutionist I suppose even though I have a relationship with the Lord. Maybe the ability to be open to many things allows me to be this person that I am because it is just not people my age. I find that people of all ages and all walks of life often like to talk to me... I can even get most children to open up to me. 

Maybe this is a new face or maybe this is a face I already had and coming out my shell. There are a lot of times that I just close myself off from the world often accused of not having a back bone but I think that was never the case. I think back then I was simply observing people- My Mom and Dad made a joke from seeing the Movie Red the Character Sarah Ross (Mary-Louise Parker) when she was in the back seat when Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is talking to her about how their first meeting should be different. You see her in the rear view mirror with duck tape on her mouth but talking with her eyes! I was like what do you mean... and my mother states "You do not have to physically speak and people still know what you are thinking" well there goes my poker face. However, when I think about it she is right and explains some things I do....  hehe. So I dubbed this Mona Lisa Face.... whether this is something people already know about or is new.... but when you look at the Mona Lisa (no I am not talking about a code) cover up parts of her eyes- look at her mouth what do you see, cover her mouth what do see, cover one side of her face what do see? Her expressions change... I learned about this in an art history class. 

So what does this boil down to.... I am a firework... and I am really starting to know who I am.


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