Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Events-You cannot stop them but we can Process

It is amazing of all the life events that can impact one's life. In other words... you believe your are one path the all of a sudden you are thrown off that path, shaken, confused, and in order to proceed you have to take a step back and process. This was made more clear to me this past week, in fact I was slapped in the face with it. There are things I am dealing with, things that I am keeping private and only a few know just to keep the stress down, others I am trying to figure out how to get started that I am very excited about, but nothing can ever prepare you for changes thrown at you!!!

In small world, I know how it is to think that one thing is going to happen and then something you were not expecting swoops in and you are like what in the world do I do now. The problem is by the time you seem to just getting on the path with one another thing happens. Right now it seems where ever I step: I am falling, stumbling, trying to make sense of things around me. It really started back when Christopher and I were going to start up our fertility treatments, we were on a set path and I went to the doctor before he came home to just get things in order to find out the "original" plan was no longer an option and we had to enter a step that we should not have to enter yet. I took be by surprise- I cried in the parking lot called a friend and just screamed it was not fair. It is very hard to make terms with life-events.So fast forward to now- I have graduated, going through some things, and about to start things I am really excited about. However, with that being said life happens! Now I am not going into detail what is going on because a lot of it is in the "air" but this event has ripped the floor right out from underneath me and well a lot of other people. A lot of us are still "processing" the news... in fact I will process until everything is set! I cannot stop this so what am I going to do? Well what can I do? - I can sit here and do nothing- that is not an option, that will only make things worse. What I can do is face the challenges head on... and that is what I am going to do. How I am going to get there will be one thing but with time I will know the way.....

Who knows maybe there will be a cruise....

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