Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crocheting Something New Today

There is a symptom that in Bipolar disorder that is often a huge blessing (sometimes a curse) and that is my mind really never shuts it self off and I am constantly thinking of new ideas and a lot of those ideas are crochet or craft related! I started crocheting since I was about 8. I have been crocheting when it was not the hip thing to do and now that is hip I am still doing it. The thing about crocheting is that is still very much expanding and I am constantly learning new things! I am actually waiting for a couple of books to get here so I can explore new ideas! 

The one thing that I love about crocheting is a lot of people can self-teach themselves! There are tons of books out there that offer great lessons not to mention YouTube (I have used it when I need a stitch refresher)! Now I was am a half and half. I was taught the basics by my mother and grandmother but I have expanded my own skills through self-teaching. In fact I learned a lot of my crafting skills from self-teaching. There is such amazing talent out there when it comes to crocheting it just amazes me. So if you are wanting to learn how to crochet all you have to do is a little research and you will be on your way!

I am currently crocheting something very similar to this

*Picture is from "my Merry Messy Life" blog do not post as your own work* Found on Pinterest April 18, 2013 link is included below

Is this not the cutest! I found this pattern on "my Merry Messy Life" blog. Here is the direct link to her pattern . If you are wanting to do this pattern make sure you give credit to the person that developed the pattern. Now the one I am doing has my own touches! I will make sure I post my picture of my completed owl! I am about half way done now!

Out of all my crafts crocheting is the one thing that I have always had the passion before! Here are a couple of my favorite pieces that I have done recently and from a couple years ago! You can fine a lot of my work a

These first one is a hair piece. The top one is my own creations! I like to call them BBB or Big Beautiful Bows! I do wear these I have one in black that is my favorite! You can find them at my Facebook page as well as the rest of my crafts that are for sale! Then I have included two of my hats and a blanket! I really want to learn how to write my own patterns but that for right is just a distant goal! Hopefully, one day I can post my patterns and maybe even sell them! So check out my Facebook page I am still growing!

Aqua BBB bow

Frog Hat!

A ladies hat!

Kind of looks like the Gamecock colors!

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