Friday, April 19, 2013

Meet Hooty! My Crochet Owl Plushie!

So I finished my crochet owl this morning! I got most of him done last night and put on the finishing touches this morning (no clue why I am referring to it as a "him"). I actually used two patterns for my inspiration! I used the one pattern that I posted yesterday mainly for the decoration ideas and the wings. While I used another pattern idea for the body! I will post the two links to the free patterns at the end of this post. Without anymore talking here is HOOTY!

I did not like the eyes in either of the patterns so this is something I whipped up myself from several hat patterns. He is actually only made from two main pieces. The multicolor yarn and the purple yarn is all made from Red Heart. I lost the little papers that come on the skeins so I cannot tell you the exact color. I would have to say the hardest part of the project was sewing on the wings while he was stuffed. Everything else was done before he was stuffed but I did not like the placement of the wings unstuffed! I do want to try to make smaller versions of him. Please do not get me wrong I like him but if he does not sell I am not sure what I would do with him.

Well here are the two links to the two patterns that I used for my inspiration of my owl.

Also if you are on Pinterest and type in "crochet owls" you will see a lot of fun and cool ideas!

I do have a problem though... what to do next? I have been trying to stay away from hats right now because the weather is getting warmer...

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