Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DIY: Cleaner Wipes

I posted earlier this month about making your own cleaner wipes. I will admit I was not sure if this would even work wile I was making them. I did end up altering the recipe to make them to my liking. I am very much still experimenting with this concept.

The Things You will Need

A package of baby wipes in the hard container (I used the unscented Target brand because they were buy one get one for a dollar)
A cleaner of your choice (I made two different types but both are a multi-surface cleaner)
At least 24 hour to soak -my recommendation

The original recipe called for about 3-4oz of cleaner and letting them soak all  the way through. Well the problem is that amount of cleaner to me did not go all the way through like I thought it was suppose to. The color of my cleaners were orange and yellow so it was pretty clear where the cleaner went and did not go. So I added more and flipped around the wipes through the 24 hour soak period to make sure the wipes are thoroughly infused with the cleaner. Now I think I did poor a little too much in one of them but for me it is not a really big deal. The key is to let them soak and let the cleaner work its way through the wipes.

Now I will admit this this not the ultimate cheapest method or greenest. However, it is still pretty cheap. I made everything for under $5 dollars and I have barely gone through the wipes and we do use them! Now I am not all about being completely green but I am not even sure I am even part green (I have a few specs) but the next time I make these wipes I am going to use the green solution of multipurpose cleaners (it has some of the same components as my laundry soap). So this will not be a greener solution but will go down in cost as well. Again I am still experimenting with this process but wanted to share what I have gotten done so far!

Have any of you done this? I wonder what you would do differently or how you would tweak the recipe to work for you?

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