Sunday, April 21, 2013

Never Enough Time (BP Related) and a Couple of Things I Do About It!

When you are a busy Mom (whether you work or are a SAHM) it seems like there is never enough time.  I feel like this a lot and then it can become overwhelming (the joys of Bipolar) and then I have to stop and make sure my moods are okay because the last thing I would ever want is to go into a down or up. However, do I learn from becoming overwhelmed? The answer is not really and the cycle that repeats itself time and time again. I try numerous things to help this like schedules and routines but to be honest only a few have stuck (but I keep trying them). A huge problem when you suffer from Bipolar Disorder is that your brain cannot tell what is okay to hold off of and what is needed to be don. I give you an example/experiment I was told to try a couple of years ago by a counselor.

I was told to write a list that consisted of two columns "A" and "B". Column A is for what I considered that needed to get done on a priority basis while column B was for things that I thought could be held off on a day or two. Can you see where this going? My column "A" list was extremely long and not likely to be completed in a 24 hour period (if you did not sleep). However, like I stated my brain just really does not know the difference! Now I cannot personally do an "A" and "B" list because then everything would be always on the priority column. With having a hard time not knowing when to stop or distinguish what is an actual priority I have devised my own style of list that has been working for a couple of years now. What I use is a spiral notebook (usually a 3 subject or more) and this is my things-to-do list book. I write down things that I need to do to include appointments to needing to wash my windows. The only difference is that instead of making it a daily list I give myself a block of time. Usually it is a week to two period. I love doing this because I can write and organize what I need to get done in that "time span". For some reason me just seeing the dates makes me feel less overwhelmed and tend to manage my time a lot better. I also mark things off once they are completed and I just love seeing those marks!  The key for me is to make sure I stay focused on it because if I do not, I feel like there is just not enough time in the day and then I become overwhelmed.

Another thing I do is stayed focused on my son (and when my daughter gets here). This is not any kind of list or what not but my personal goal to be a great mom. I know if I do not care for myself then I am no good to my family and for me that is worse then feeling like my bipolar disorder has taken over (which thankfully has never happened and I plan to keep it that way!). I know I was put on this Earth to take care of my family!

There are numerous articles and research that suggest someone who is bipolar like me needs to keep routines in able to help their disorder. I do agree with this completely but unless you actually suffer from the disorder you may not realize how hard it is can be for someone. One of the best things that someone can do that suffers from the disorder is a sleep schedule (which is my next goal). Just for the same reason that you give your kids a bed time is the same reason you need a bed time. So many adults whether they suffer from the disorder or not take sleep for granted. Most studies suggest that the average adult needs 7-9 hours asleep a night. When you are bipolar you tend to sleep less or way over the recommended amount of sleep which disturbs the body's natural rhythm. So I am hoping to find a schedule that works for me and that I can feel rested (I know I am 5 months pregnant so it may be a little harder). The key like to most goals is to stick to it. I have discovered the longer you stick to something the more natural it becomes.  

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