Monday, April 15, 2013

The Diaper Hunt Adventure, Recipe for DIY Cleaning Wipes (I am trying them for the first time), and Whats For Dinner.

Diaper Hunt Adventure

I had an adventure in diaper hunting today and part of Sunday. I like the Huggies Slip-Ons for my son. Well Sunday I noticed we were running low so I decided to pick some up at Walmart on Sunday since I was already in the store and when I got there no Slip-Ons. This is not a big deal stores run out of certain things. So I made a mental note to pick them up on Monday wile I was out. The first two stores that I went to this morning that I know that has them were out! I am like what in the world! I was hoping I did not have to end up at Babies R Us for diapers because I feel like they are over priced. So I stopped by the grocery store and luckily they had some and they were on SALE! Now for the reason for this little story... is I was wondering where you buy your diapers (if you have a little one is in the them)? Do you hunt for deals like I do all over town? Buy them online or Diaper Service? I would really be interested in how you buy your diapers. I will still hunt for deals unless I find a better method that offers affordable diapers.

So I found yesterday on the web a recipe for DIY cleaning wipes. Now I am skeptical about this and whether or not they really work or if it is really that cost effective. Here is the recipe for DIY Wipes

  • Refillable container of baby wipes.

  • Bottle of bottled disinfectant/cleaner (I am using a Spic N Span Multi-Surface Cleaner that I bought at the Dollar Store).

  • I bought Target brand wipes they were buy one get one for a dollar so I bought two ($3 total and the unscented kind). The cleaner I am using is a Spic N Span Multi-Surface cleaner ($1). The total to make these wipes is $4 dollars for a 144 wipes. I looked at the package of Lysol wipes I have in the house and they were only a package of 24. So I can see where this will be cost effective if they work as well as the Lysol wipes and other brands.

    I poured 3-4oz of the cleaner on top of the wipes (directly in the container) as well on the side and allowing them to soak for several hours.

    So we will see if it is really worth making them vs. purchasing them. Here is the link to website I found the recipe off of (this blog includes pictures of the wipes). So if any of you have made them or will be making them, let me know how it turns out! I will sure to let you guys know what I think of the DIY cleaning wipes.

    So What is for Dinner?

    I am a basic but decent cook. I am however, looking for new ideas and if you surf the web you know there are tons of recipes out there. So I am planning on exploring some of these recipes and hopefully if they are a success share my accomplishments or if they were complete failures!

    Well tonight is just pork chops because I have not had time to explore any ideas because this idea really just popped in my head!

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